Dragon Ball Buddies Goku

Dragon Ball Buddies Goku
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Created with style in mind, TAMASHII BUDDIES maintains the essence of a character at a compact, collectible size!

Joining the Dragonball line-up this winter is none other than everyoneâs favorite Saiyan, Son Goku!!

Goku appears as he does when fighting his rival Vegeta for the first time with the Kaio mark on his back.

TAMASHII BUDDIES Son Goku comes with an attached stage, display card, and frame set.

You can also stack with any other BUDDIES you own!

This line is available to order now.

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Brand:  Bandai
Character:  Goku
Series:  Dragon Ball Super
Genre:  Anime
Universe:  Dragon Ball
Collection:  Bandai Buddies

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