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Big Changes are Coming!

1 CommentSaturday, 20 October 2018  |  Admin

Big Changes Are Coming to Geek Toy Store

As many of Geek Toy Stores customers are aware, this Store has been having some issues and has considered closing down. At this moment in time, Geek Toy Store is being considered by another company who may take us over. This new company is looking to introduce some changes to Geek Toy Store. 

These changes will come into affect in the next few days as a way of assessing if Geek Toy Store can be saved.


New Payment Processor

We will be switching to a new payment processor. Going forward all payments will be processed using Barclaycard Payment Solutions. While Stripe will still be used for invoicing purposes, it is hoped that the Barclaycard Gateway will make things a simpler process and, as it is operated by a UK banking institution, we hope it will help improve trust in Geek Toy Store's payment processing.

The new payment processor will be hosted and run by Barclaycard. The gateway will help make processing transactions and issuing any refunds a simpler process.

Changes to the Shipping Process

We are going to be making some changes to the shipping process. Some of Geek Toy Store's problems have resulted from issues with the couriers used. We will be reverting back to using Royal Mail for shipping all small items, and then Collect Plus or DPD for larger orders. Hopefully we can get our shipping back on track.

We are also implement new shipping processes in the warehouse so that there are less mistakes made when processing orders. We are introducing a whole new process to help streamline the shipping procedures and make it all simpler. This should help reduce processing times and make getting orders out a lot simpler.

Free Shipping on orders over £80!

Geek Toy Store is introducing an new policy. Any UK order with a value of £80 or over will receive free standard shipping. Standard shipping is Royal Mail Second Class Signed for postage. 

Other postage options will still be available. So if you wish to upgrade your postage option, you still have that choice. 

New Product Bundles

We will be introducing Product Bundles on Geek Toy Store. Previously, the way sets were handled caused a lot of problems with some lines selling out before others. The new Product Bundles will stop that happening again and will also allow us to offer more bundles. We will add a new section to Geek Toy Store where you will be able to find all the Bundles.

Product Bundles will all have varying discounts applied to them.

Product Bundles will be set up so that when you add a bundle to your cart, one of each product in the bundle is added to your cart at the discounted price. This will deduct the stock units from each product listing and help us manage Geek Toy Stores stock a bit better than previously.

New Customer Reward Program

Geek Toy Store used to run a reward program on a previous version of the website. We will be looking to reintroduce a reward scheme for customers, however we will be doing things a little differently.

5% Discount for all account holders

The first thing we will be implementing is a discount for all customers with an account! So, if you haven't signed up yet, do it now and start using your discount. This will be applied to all accounts and orders automatically, no code required! So all you have to do to get your discount is Sign In and start shopping!

We will also be looking to introduce the loyalty program again whereby you earn points for purchases made through the website. This will not be implemented just yet, but it is being considered.

A Change to Operating Procedures

Geek Toy Store has made some mistakes when it comes to getting stock in and so going forward we are making some changes. These changes will affect some of the product lines available as well as shipping times on some lines, but in the long run we hope that they will help to improve everything Geek Toy Store does.

We will be limiting all our stock to lines available from UK suppliers only. We will not be importing any lines from outside of the UK or Europe going forward for the time being. This is in an effort to limit costs involved.

We will be changing the way that Pre-Orders are handled. All Pre-Orders will now be limited to a 30 day window for ordering. This means that Pre-Orders will not be available for order until 30 days before their release. This will be monitored and changed depending on demand and the lines ordered.

We will also be changing the way that stock is handled. We will only order items in on demand for the time being. This may result in a couple extra days for the  handling of orders, but it will help to reduce Geek Toy Stores costs and allow us to get the store back to normal. It will also mean Geek Toy Store will be able to offer more discounts and offers in the future.

New Suppliers

Geek Toy Store will also be looking for new suppliers for products. While the store has lined up a couple new suppliers, it will be looking for more. Some issues that have been raised in the past were caused by unreliable suppliers. This will help to solve some of the stocking issues, but it will not solve all of them. So the supply of new products is something that will continually be worked upon to improve the flow of lines coming in.

New Management

The current owner of Geek Toy Store has decided to either close the store or sell it on to someone else. At the moment another local company has agreed to help with the running of the store for a while with the aim of deciding if Geek Toy Store can be saved. If they decide to keep Geek Toy Store open, the new owners will take over and begin making changes as they see fit to get the store back to its previous standards.


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