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Geek Toy Store is Closing Down!

7 CommentsSaturday, 18 August 2018  |  Admin

Closing Down Sale / What You Need To Know

On the 22nd September 2018 Geek Toy Store will shut down. Our Facebook page and email address will still be operational after this date, but our website will cease to take orders.

Why Are We Closing?

There are several reasons contributing to our closure.

First due to our issues with Paypal, which after 6 Months, are still ongoing, we still do not have access to all our businesses funds and are unable to get the new stock in as planned.

Second is due to supply issues and some mistakes that have been made, we have not been able to get stock in as fast as we wanted.

There are several other reasons, but these are the main two. 

What is on sale?

Everything. If it is listed on the website, it will be reduced. We are trying to clear out what stock we have left so that we can empty and close the storage unit we were renting to run the business. After the 22nd September, whatever stock we have left will either be listed on Ebay and Amazon, or sold off to some local traders.

Can I still place Pre-Orders?

No. We are not taking pre-orders for any items anymore. Nor are back orders or special orders being placed. If you have a Pre-Order with us already, please see the outstanding order section a little further down.

When Will my Orders be delivered?

While we are selling off our remaining stock, we will also have a lot of other work to do behind the scenes for the closure. Plus, I am a sole trader, so I work alone. Therefore, there will be some delays getting orders out for a while. We will be sending out email updates for all orders. So you will get notifications of shipping.

Most items will be posted out on Mondays, and Fridays. If we can get more posted out in between we will do.

I have an outstanding order, what will happen to it?

Outstanding orders for items in stock will be shipped as soon as possible.

Outstanding Pre-Orders are being handled in two ways:

  • Some lines are being refunded as we will no longer be getting stock
  • Some lines are still coming into stock, so can either be cancelled and refunded, or completed when stock arrives.

IF you have a questions about an outstanding Pre-Order please contact us at We will reply to your query as quickly as possible.

How Much are items reduced by?

There is a blanket discount across the entire store which reduces all prices down to cost price or below. We will be adding a few more items along the way depending on what stock we find. We have found a few older lines where we have the odd one or two items left, but the bulk of our stock is already listed. We will not be adding any new releases going forward. 

At this moment there is no plan to reduce any lines further. All items are reduced down to cost price or below from day one. 

We will still accept returns during our closing period. Items must be returned in a resalable condition, unopened and in it's original packaging. Items that are damaged or faulty can be returned. All customer rights are still applicable.

We know that this news is going to produced a few mixed reactions among our customers.

We've been trading for 3 years, but are now in a situation where we cannot continue. We want to thank those loyal customers who have supported us over the years through all the good and the bad.

We understand that there have been mistakes made and problems arise that have affected our service. Thank you for choosing Geek Toy Store. 

Daniel Lundie
Wednesday, 29 August 2018  |  15:05

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the email reply regarding order GTS/3139. The refund didn't go through though. I haven't received anything from you in my bank. Can you please re-issue it since it's had plenty of time to clear and still isn't there?

Replying here as I can't seem to receive replies from you in email.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018  |  17:41

Hi Daniel,
I've not been able to reply to emails for a few days, unfortunately I ended up in hospital and had no access.

I'm just working through the emails now. I'll look into your order and I'll drop you a message once I figure out what's happened there.

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