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Have you seen our sister site?

Tuesday, 27 November 2018  |  Admin

Have you seen our sister site?

Geek Toy Store has now been taken over by another local businessman, who has his own website in operation. is a UK based independent retailer of gifts, toys, collectibles and accessories. Eventually the two websites are looking to merge together but for the time being Geek Toy Store will remain in operation selling off its old stock. All new listings will be made via

We will at some point be merging the user accounts onto both site so that you can log in with the same account on either site to receive the same offers. 

All account holders will get the 5% discount off all orders on both sites as well as access to future offers. While this is a process still in the works, feel free to sign up to Citadel Gifts for an account now to be able to benefit from the discount.

We will be posting regular updates to keep our users informed on all changes that come into effect.

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