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Loads of New Features!

Sunday, 29 July 2018  |  Admin

So we've been hard at work improving the site in an effort to offer a better service to our customers and make the entire process of ordering simpler for all involved.

There is quite a lot of stuff that's been updated, but here is a full run-down of what we've been up to:

New Site Host

  • Brand new hosting company with more back end features enabling us to better control stock, emails, order statuses, payment processing and more.

New Search System

  • New Product category system makes it easier to find the products you are looking for
  • New search features make it easier to find products. You can now search by:
    • brand
    • product type
    • price
    • character
    • Universe
    • Genre
    • Collections
    • product size

New Stock Control System

  • New Stock control system allows us to control Pre-Orders better.
    • Pre-Order products go live for ordering 30 days before the Estimated Release Date.
    • No Deposit required for a Pre-Order
    • No payment needed upfront for a Pre-Order
    • Less chance of overselling mistakes due to stock quantity errors
  • New Special Order Inventory option allows us to label back ordered products, or products ordered in On Demand as delayed dispatch. Allowing for more realistic display of product delivery times.

New Product Page Layout & Information

  • Better Product page layout means you can see all the relevant product information easier
  • New product attributes give more information about the products available

New Order Status System & Management System

  • New Email system to provide order updates automatically as an order is updated
  • New order statuses to give you more information about your orders
  • New order management system means less chance of an order being forgotten or incorrectly posted

New Email System

  • New Email System solving our issue of emails not being received
  • New system will have an auto-responder in place so you know when your message has been received
  • New system will allow for order status updates to be sent as your order is updated
  • More regular updates made regarding the site and new arrivals
  • New email design standardised across all emails, allowing for a consistent look and feel to our messages

New Stock Notification System

  • Sign up for Back in stock email alerts
  • Sign up for Pre-Order availability alerts

New Wishlist Functionality

  • Create a wish list of products for you
  • Log in and add items to your wish list

New Customer Account System

  • New system gives the customer more information about their orders
  • A customer has more control over the information they receive from us
  • More improvements to come

New Products Added

  • A Wider variety of products is becoming available including Nemesis Now designs and gift items
  • A Wider variety of toys & Games is coming too
  • The new product system allows for better control over incoming lines and restocking of current products

New Pre-Order System

  • New Pre-Order system means no more deposits on pre-orders
  • New system means no more paying full price before a product can be posted
  • New system means no more waiting months for a Pre-Order! Products only available up to 30 days in advance of release
  • No more overselling of lines due to inadequate control systems

New Special Order Items

  • New Special Order Items are lines ordered in on demand.
  • Better estimates on shipping dates
  • More products available using this new method


Upcoming Features:

  • New payment gateway coming soon managed by Barclays Bank
  • New Product ranges coming as we expand our supplier list
  • New Product Categories to make finding products easier
  • More in-depth Search functionality to be added allowing for better search results
  • User Polls to be added on a regular basis  (for fun)
  • Updates and improvements to be made to site layout as the site expands


So as you can see, we have been busy making changes and improvements and we will continue to make improvements to our site in the hopes of improving our services.

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