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New Store Processes

Monday, 19 November 2018  |  Admin

New Store Processes

As part of WGT's commitment to improving Geek Toy Store's services, we've made a lot of changes to how the store works. These changes are not obvious to customers as they deal with the behind the scenes processes more than anything.

We're introducing a new stocking system that has worked well for us in the past. 

On Demand Products

From now on we will be listing all our products as available "On Demand". What this means is that all the products listed in our store are available to us from our suppliers, but not actually in stock at the moment. 

If you place an order with Geek Toy Store, we will then order the products from our suppliers to complete your order. Once your products arrive, we will have them shipped out to you. 


Why Are We Doing This?

The reason we are doing this in an effort to help reduce the businesses costs. By reducing the businesses running costs, we can offer out more discounts on products and eventually offer all our products at lower prices. 

How Does This Affect My Orders?

For a while this method will increase our dispatch times by a couple of days. Each product will display on its product page the estimated dispatch times for when we will get the items in stock. Some items will arrive quicker than others, depending on the supplier it is ordered from.

Why are some items in stock?

Some lines that we offer have to be ordered in by the case load. So, for example, if you order 1 Marvel Legends action figure, we may have to order an entire case to get your order completed. So as a result, after a while we start holding stock. 

So, to start with, we will not have many lines in stock but as more customers place orders with us, we will slowly build up our available stock. 


Why are you telling us this?

There are a couple of reasons we are telling you this.

In the past Geek Toy Store has not been very clear on its processes or its stock availability. So in an effort to make things clearer we have decided to share with you the way that we will be operating with our stock.

The second reason we are telling you this is so that when you place an order with Geek Toy Store you are immediately able to see an estimated time for your order to be completed. We want you to know when you can expect your order to arrive.

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